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October 11th, 2009

IMS09 was a terrific event filled with education, information, passion and excitement.  Each day we started the day on fire and ended the day on a high note.  When I made my travel plans I intentionally included time in my schedule for a visit to Hubspot.  

 We’ve worked with them for nearly a year with PR20/20 for one of our websites.  A couple of co-workers and I try to end the week by watching live at 4pm each Friday.  In a half an hour they’re able to put the week of social media news in a tidy little package. 

 Ok, let’s just say Boston traffic is amazing.  Who would’ve guessed that it would take two hours to get from Foxboro to Cambridge on an early Friday afternoon.  I sure didn’t!  Ha! Despite a minor setback in the blessed one-way streets near the college, I managed to walk in the studio door just as Karen Rubin was asking co-host Mike Volpe about his plans for the weekend. Oh well, I was there… Can I just say,” God Bless Google Maps App for the Blackberry”? (more…)

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